Monday, 11 July 2016

Amazon is building treehouses for its employees to cry in

These greenhouses and treehouses are for both cultivating nature and employees' moods, but how well will they work out?

Amazon is hard at work on offering its employees something decidedly out of the ordinary when it comes to office culture. Instead of something frivolous like special chairs or a cafe, employees are getting a special greenhouse, which will contain a conjoined series of treehouses.
 The New York Times reports the greenhouse will be constructed in downtown Seattle and is meant to act as a refuge for employees as well as housing 3,000 species of plants, many of them endangered. The treehouses are meant for employees to meet up and discuss work and other topics, but the climate of a greenhouse isn't really conducive to intensive thinking, or at least it doesn't seem to be. At first, the greenhouses will only be available for Amazon employees to traverse, but there are plans to open them up to the public at a later date.

 This is an interesting step to take following claims of Amazon's supposed rough treatment of its employees, also rooted in a report from The New York Times, asserting the culture at the ecommerce giant is "brutal."Amazon is looking to open up the new greenhouses in early 2018, so there's still a while to go yet before we see what effect this has on employee morale and the plants within.